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  • Are children permitted in development?
    Yes, all of our developments are family friendly.
  • Are pets permitted?
    Yes, small pets are allowed (under 15 kg).
  • Can I rent my condominium when absent?
    Yes, there are no rental restrictions. Tenants must adhere to the bylaws.
  • How are the condominiums priced?
    Pricing includes upgrades & multiple parking stalls $187,900 - $214,900
  • Is indoor parking available?
    Most suites include at least one heated underground parking stall; Additional stalls & storage may be purchased based on availability.
  • What are Condominium Fees?
    Condominium fees pay your heat, water, sewage, common area maintenance, building insurance & reserve fund dedication.
  • What do I own?
    You own your suite and a portion of the common areas.
  • What size Condominiums do you have?
    812 sqft - 1025 sqft
  • Have any special steps been taken to limit noise between units?
    All suites exceed building code sound attenuation requirements
  • How is the building heated, cooled and ventilated?"
    Heated: Water Radiant perimeter heating Cooled: Split Compressor Air Conditioner (upgrade option only) Ventilated: Fresh air is introduced through transfer air ducts from the corridors
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