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Carlisle is the market leader in developing low rise condominiums catering to the entry level market and the down-sizing market, offering our customers a price competitive quality home. 

About us

Nice To Meet You

Shared corporate responsibility means having a unique pride in our current and future accomplishments and in the reputation of our company. Our corporate values harness the elements fundamental to our continuing success as individuals and as a thriving organization.

Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Randy Klapstein


Mr. Klapstein has over thirty years of experience in the real estate development industry, beginning his career in the residential construction and drywall business in Edmonton, Alberta. Under Mr. Klapstein’s guidance, the Carlisle Group has grown to be one of the largest multi-family developers in Western Canada. Mr. Klapstein believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy home ownership and invest in their future. To fulfill that passion, he recognized a need to offer quality, practically priced homes to first-time buyers, young professionals, empty nesters and seniors.

Jim Mackey
General Manager

Mr. Mackey entered the construction industry twenty-five years ago in Calgary and has been with the Carlisle Group for fifteen of those years. He is a graduate of the Architectural Technologies graduate program of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Mr. Mackey is an active member with the Calgary Home Builders Association and sits on the Multi-Family Committee, which is an active committee communicating with regulating authorities on policy to improve relations and industry interaction.

Our Vision

We will strive to become the Multi-Family Builder of choice, in the markets in which we operate, recognized for creating the best value and lifestyle for the greatest number of home buyers that may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the pride of home ownership.

Our Focus

Our focus is on wood frame developments. We work hard to maintain our position in the marketplace as the most cost-efficient multi-family builder. We are constantly improving our processes and building practices to reduce our costs, not with the objective of increasing our profit, but to pass the savings onto our customers. We believe that this strategy will allow us to maintain the dominant market position that we enjoy and will help us achieve Our Vision.

Our Philosophy

Our values set the foundation from which we build a high performance, ethical approach to the way we achieve our corporate goals. To excel in these goals, we have a shared set of moral principles to guide our behavior and mark the path on which we travel. Each day in our work, we act based upon a set of commonly held values, customs and beliefs. Our culture is based on principles and self-discipline, not rules. Each day, each of us defines, upholds and amplifies our culture. Through our actions and our words, we display to everyone who we are and what we stand for.

Meet You

Chad Hamilton

Vice President of Construction

Mr. Hamilton started in the construction industry after graduating from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a degree in Business Management and Corporate Organization in 2001. He has been directly involved with multi-family construction since 2003 and has gained considerable experience with regards to building envelope, building codes/regulations, quality control, construction scheduling and architecture. Through continuing education, Mr. Hamilton has completed numerous safety courses, as well as business envelope and design seminars. Prior to joining the work force, Mr. Hamilton enjoyed a stint as a professional athlete and was actively involved in volunteer work and a mentor for Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Gordon Mross
General Manager,

British Columbia

Mr. Mross joined The Carlisle Group in 2013 and has been leading the new home construction, land development industry for well over 20 years. He is passionate about developing land and building homes that provide pride of ownership coupled with a sound financial investment. He began his construction career as a Carpenters Apprentice, Superintendent Trainee for Nu-West Homes Development Corporation. After attaining his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration, he has partnered in a family owned Customer Choice Award Winning home building company and managed a Design and Customer Choice Award Winning custom home and active adult community builder. Gordon is committed to “win-win” business strategies and exceptional customer service.

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