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5 big ideas for decorating your living room!

Decorating your new condo is one of the most exciting things about buying a home. Here are some tips to keep in mind when decorating the living room in your condo.

1. Get a sofa that fits

When it’s time to start decorating your condo, start with the sofa as this will likely be the largest piece in your living room. Choosing the right-size sofa can be difficult; buying a one that’s too big or small can throw off the balance of your living room. Fortunately for condo dwellers, there are many retailers that sell sofas specifically for small spaces. If you’re having difficulty finding a sofa that suits your space perfectly, consider going the custom route. There are stores that specialize in making custom furniture that is unique to you and your space.

2. Add mirrors

Mirrors are crucial to designing a spacious condo living room. They amplify light and

visually double the area of a room, creating the illusion of a window or even an adjoining room. There are many ways to incorporating mirrors. For example, Candice Olson, interior designer, suggests adding mirrors to the cabinetry backs when you install your shelving. You can also place a mirror on the wall above your sofa to make the room appear larger and less cluttered.

3. Invest in multi functional furniture

Invest in furniture that serves more than one purpose. It’s easy to find furniture that doubles as storage or transitions into another piece entirely.

4. Have an accent colour

The colour of your walls will have a huge impact on your condo. For example, darker

hues will absorb colour and create the appearance of a tighter, darker room, while lighter and calmer hues will make the space feel larger.

However, just because you’ve painted your walls a neutral colour doesn’t mean you can’t add a pop of colour. Find an accent colour you like and find ways to incorporate it into your home – throw pillows, candles, wall art and flowers are a great way to add some colour to your space.

5. Bring the outdoors in

By adding some natural elements to your condo such as wicker baskets, stone accessories or plants help bring the outdoors in while also creating a modern look to

your home. Don’t forget to add some fresh flowers – these will add some bright colours to your condo living room and freshen it up with a nice scent.


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